We created Investor Lifeguard to provide a place for investors of all types to talk freely about their money without the fears that come along with doing so. We understand the importance of having open, honest communication without the fear of being misled, misinformed, or censored, since most means of communication today are overloaded with the antithesis of this desired community.

That being said, we ask that our users on the website and forum keep these points in mind while using the website and forum. We do not wish to police every single message that is here, so we ask that users think before they act on the forum. However, we will take action when necessary to protect the integrity and purpose of this forum.

We also recognize the possibility of investment professionals providing false information in an effort to sell unnecessary products to investors. The fundamental reason we started Investor Lifeguard was for investors to avoid this very problem, and we certainly do not want this forum to become a referral source for investment professionals. 

Thus, we encourage you to be on the lookout for these individuals who are simply here to sell products and take advantage of investors without participating in legitimate financial discussions. If you do encounter such activity on our forum, we ask that you contact us immediately to report such activity so that we can prevent these individuals from participating in such activity and keep this forum safe and sound for investors.

By signing up as a user on this forum and using the forum, you agree that you are using the forum for the above-mentioned purposes of freely participating in financial discussions without selling products or services. If we determine that a user is using the forum against our rules as expressly mentioned in this policy, we may take corrective action to prevent further wrongdoing for our users, which may include being removed from the site. 

We do not tolerate any sort of discrimination, bullying, harassment, soliciting, or any other similar type of behavior that conflicts with our purpose of creating and operating this forum. We thank you and respect you for abiding by these rules as we change how the world looks at finance and money.