Insurance is often necessary in some situations, including home, car, and life insurance.

However, many insurance policies are incredibly complex and unnecessary for most people. Unfortunately, this leads people further away from what they intended to insure in the first place.

We have seen too many people victimized by aggressive insurance sales agents who push inappropriate and irresponsible insurance products onto their clients. This causes major problems for beneficiaries, which can wreak havoc on your financial situation and wellbeing.

Investor Lifeguard is ready to stop this. We guide you through your insurance policy by reviewing each and every detail before you decide to make the decision to move forward with the policy. We strongly believe in this approach, since the insurance agent’s primary job is to sell, not to inform.


Insurance policies are notoriously known to be unnecessarily complex. This is often designed on purpose to prevent insurance companies from paying benefits to the designated beneficiary.

Investor Lifeguard removes the guesswork from of insurance policies and makes them understandable to the layperson. We dive deep into your policy to determine whether it is actually aligned with your needs.

Before signing that policy, talk to Investor Lifeguard to ensure that your money is going to the right place.